ELLA Frisa Urbana is an Artisan Workshop Kitchen that values some products of Italian excellence, starting from Frisella, a baked bread of the Mediterranean tradition, which is seasoned and innovated through the continuous search for quality.

Food is Culture.

ELLA Frisa Urbana is a world of communication, training, events and taste. A Slow place where you can work, chat and develop ideas. A Business space.

It’s a FACTORY supporting new business ideas in the Area of Wine, Food and Agribusiness.

Anyone at ELLA Home can find its space and its perfect taste experience in line with the trends of food and wine. Food Innovation is its main expertise.


Via Marco Aurelio, 30a
00184 Roma



+39 06 98181328


Scegli cosa mangiare da una selezione dei migliori ristoranti Italiani e noi te lo consegniamo a casa o in ufficio, nel più breve tempo possibile.